Project Overview

The project was primarily carried out to provide means of safe access down to the river for both Christ Church and Methodist Ladies students and school community, to provide a facility and beach-line that would cater for both school’s many activities (such as rowing, nautical studies, marine studies etc), provide public access to the surrounding local community and river uses alike, and provide a long term sustainable outcome by restoring and managing the river beach-line and surrounding vegetation.

The project itself went through many reiterations during the early stages which involved many workshop groups in and around the design, its functionality, form and more importantly how it would be used by both schools and its public users. It too included the involvement of many dedicated people, the traditional owners and Vital Building Company, who shared in the school’s vision to make this project come together for the benefit of their students, the community and the sustainable balance and future of the river.

As part of the development application process and its conditions, the project too included an in depth detailed ten ­year management plan which formed part of the construction foreshore rehabilitation works. The project throughout the construction phase needed strict concise execution, working both within school operations and around tidal movements and weather conditions that were not forgiving, nor predictable at times. These targets were all met in accordance to the construction time allocations.

With the complex nature of the works, working in the confines in and out of a river and within an operating school campus containing approximately 1,600 CCGS staff and students, along with difficult access/egress constraints, the school were pleased to see Vital Building Company went about their works in a safe, professional and efficient manner.